Research Projects

  1. 1994: The team research project on contemporary migration trends, funded by The State Committee for Scientific Research;
  2. 1994: The individual research project on trends in Polish emigration, funded by Soros’s Foundation;
  3. 1999: The individual research project „Cohabitation as an alternative form of family life in Poland” , funded by The State Committee for Scientific Research;
  4. 2001: The individual research project “Contemporary American Family (on the basis of Canada) –  Canadian Studies Program, Faculty Research Program ICCS file n:632-1-26, 2001;
  5. 2002: The project of The Institute of Public Affairs “Remigration to Poland in the during the period of transformation of political system”;
  6. 2005-2006: The international research project: “History of social work in Europe (1900-1960)”.
  7. 2006-2006:EU grant “FeMiPol project „Integration of Female ImMigrants in Labour Market and Society. Policy Assessment and Policy Recommendations”;
  8. The Research Project: Integration of Female immigrants within labour market and society” grand funded by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education
  9. 2009-2010: Human Rights Defender’s project “Remigration and immigration”;
  10. Norway funds FSS grant FSS/2009/II/D5/W/0029 „Post-graduate interdisciplinary  studies ’Społeczno-Kulturowa Tożsamość Płci’”(Gender Studies) in collaboration with Oslo University;
  11. 2011-2012: The Project funded by Ministry of Equal Treatment in Poland, EU   Humane Capital Fund “Equal treatment as a standard of the good governance
  12. 2012-2013: Project funded by the National Disabled Persons Rehabilitation
    Fund   „From the diagnosis of the situation of people with  disabilities in Poland to a new model of social policy for people with disabilities”, module: Gender and disability.