Current Research Interests

1. Marriage and familial studies from:

a) a demographic standpoint:

  • issues and problems related to the procreational activity and its trends, theories of fertility and productivity, attitudes towards birth and its effect on family run holdings and their budgets;
  • the situation of unemployed women in Poland, and the situation of the aging population in Poland.

b) from a sociological and gender standpoint:

  • the position of children in the contemporary family, changes in the family institution in Poland and in the world, issues dealing with cohabitating couples and remarriage;
  • the orientation of young families in Poland, alternative forms of family life in the postmodern world, axiological issues of family life in Poland

2. Gender studies:

  • social and cultural changes  in family structure, roles, values regarding gender perspective in Polish society;
  • gender equality policy in Poland.

3. Demographic perspectives in Poland”

  • aging society: causes and consequences;
  • types of biological families in Polish society, population policy in Poland.

4. Empirical and theoretical international migration studies:

  • migration trends in Polish society, Polish migrants in Canada and immigration policy in Canada;
  • reactive migration in Central-Eastern Europe;
  • women’s migration as a sociological phenomenon, social mechanisms, causes and consequences of women’s migration. Research project: FeMiPol 5 „Integration of Female ImMigrants in Labour Market and Society. Policy Assessment and Policy Recommendations” (2006-2008);
  • experiencing a new migration trauma during the period of systemic transformation.