Short Biography

Professor Krystyna Slany – Professor of the Jagiellonian University Institute of Sociology – specializes in the field of social demography, social migration, and the sociology of gender and family. She is the author of such books as Elementy demografii [Elements of Demography, 1989, with K. Kluz and W. Czarkowska]; Między przymusem a wyborem. Kontynentalne i zamorskie emigracje z krajów Europy Środkowo-Wschodniej (1939-1989) [Between Pressure and Choice: Continental and Transoceanic Emigrations from Central-Eastern Europe (1939-1989), 1995]; Małżeństwa powtórne w Polsce [Remarriages in Poland, 1991, with K. Kluz and F. Kusz]; Orientacje emigracyjne Polaków [Emigration Trends of Poles, 1997]; Alternatywne formy życia małżeńsko-rodzinnego w ponowoczesnym świecie [Alternative Marriage-Family Lifestyles in the Contemporary World, 2002]; Homoseksualizm w perspektywie interdyscyplinarnej [Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Homosexualism, 2005, with B. Kowalska], International Migration. A Multidimensional Analysis (ed.2005), Gender w społeczeństwie polskim [Gender in Polish Society, 2011, with J. Struzik, K. Wojnicka], Kalejdoskop genderowy. W drodze do poznania płci społeczno-kulturowej w Polsce [Gender Kaleidoscope. On the Way to Learn Gender in Poland, 2011, with B. Kowalska, M. Ślusarczyk], Zagadnienia małżeństwa i rodziny w perspektywie feministyczno-genderowej [The Marriage and Family Issues in Feminist and Gender Perspective, 2012, in print].

Prof. Slany, the Head of the Department of Population Studies, is also the founder of gender studies in the Institute of Sociology. Prof. Slany has been awarded fellowships in Austria, Czech Republic, USA, and Canada. She is a member of the Committee on Demographic Sciences, of the Governmental Population Council, of the program committees for the periodicals Małżeństwo i Rodzina [Marriage and Family] and Rocznik Socjologii Rodziny [The Sociology of Family Annuals], as well as member of the European Association for Population Studies and the Polish Society of Canadian Studies. Currently Prof. Slany is also the Vice-Director of The Committee of Migration research of Polish Academy of Sciences (PAN).

Her higher education in the field of sociology was held at the Faculty of Philosophy and History at the Jagiellonian University in the years 1971-1976. The MA thesis “Re-adaptation of amnestied juvenile offenders, convicted for the first time“ has been written under the guidance of Prof. Władysław Kwaśniewicz. She received her PhD degree in 1986 with her dissertation entitled “Demographic and psycho-social determinants of fertility in urban families”, written under the guidance of Prof. Wanda Czarkowska. An academic cooperation with Prof. Czarkowska allowed her to specialize in demography. Prof. Slany made a post-doctoral colloquium at the Department of Philosophy in 1995 and in the same year she received her postdoctoral degree in humanities in a field of sociology of  migration with the dissertation “Between pressure and choice. Continental and Transoceanic Migration from Central -Eastern Europe (1939-1989)”. In April 2002, Prof. Slany, became a faculty member as university Professor at the Jagiellonian University. In 2003, she became full Professor at the same university and in 2010 she became Professor Ordinarius.
General sociological studies in the school of Prof. Kazimierz Dobrowolski, specialized demographic studies carries out under the supervision of Prof. Czarkowska, and other important courses taught by Prof. H. Kubiak, Prof. P. Sztompka, Prof. G. Babiński, prof. W. Kwaśniewicz had huge impact on her academic and research skills and knowledge. The experience gained during research and teaching collaboration with Prof. Czarkowska had particular impact on forming her research personality. Thanks to the cooperation, her research interests in demographic studies, knowledge and skills have been crystallized. Under the supervision of Prof. Czarkowska, Prof. Slany took part in several research projects, e.g. The use of mathematical models in demographic prediction for small towns (1980), Demographic, psycho-cultural determinants for families fertility (1983), Remarriages in Poland (1989).
Her research plans and teaching skills have been influenced also by multiple visiting scholarships in foreign research centers e.g. Erlangen Uniwersitat, American Institute for European Studies in Vienna, Charles University in Prague, Universite des Science Humaines de Strasbourg,  School of Slavonic and East European Studies University of London,   York University - Center for Refugee Studies, Canada, Rutgers University, USA, Ohio State University, USA, Oslo University, Norway, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Italy. Particular impact on her research interests in the field of migration had the cooperation working with Prof. Anthony Richmond and in the field of family studies and demography with Prof. Kingsley Davis.